Who am I?

My name is Dianda van Gunst, born in the winter of 1990 and I live in Tytsjerk, a province north of the Netherlands. And I’m obsessed with cat behavior. Curious how it all started? Continue reading..!

Suki and Hiro

I grew up with both cats and dogs. As a kid I always have been interested in the behavior of animals, so the first thing we did, when I moved in with my boyfriend was adopt a cat. She was 6 months old when we adopted her and I was sold! I was interested in her behavior and that interest only grew bigger. What followed was a second cat, Hiro. I began to observe their behavior and solved the behavior problems with Suki and Hiro. And when I succeeded, I was very surprised.

One day I saw a tv-show called My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, with Jackson Galaxy. He was a cat expert/behaviorist, and I had just found the job of my dreams! I was going to be a cat behaviorist!

And now?

I have done the study ‘learning to understand animals’ and I’ve graduated from the study Cat Psychology and Training. In May 2017 I’m starting a new cat behavior study from Sarah Ellis.

You can always mail me if you have questions about your cat and his/her behavior, or if you want advice and information.