What I do



My purpose is to help people understand their cat (better) and together we can work on the behavior of their cat(s). So cat and owner can be happy together again. With this business I want to prevent cats from ending up on the streets or in shelters. Every year the animal shelters are so full with cats, young ánd old, because they are unwanted or have a behavior problem. Sometimes they are aggressive or they pee outside the litter box. This can be prevented and solved together with the owners. By giving advice, I will try to find a balance between what the cat needs and what the guardian is able to do, while keeping the focus on the problem and the cat(s).

How I Work

For people outside the Netherlands I offer skype-consultations. Here you can find out more about that.

The way I work is cat-friendly. Punishment, spray bottles and scruffing the cat is not a part of this. I try to focus on the balance between cat and owner by educating the owner(s), inspiring them to do more with their cat such as daily playtime and more, and eventually the main focus is to reunite the cats and guardians back together.

My specialties are fearful cats, aggression and depression in cats.


Gentle and knowledgeable guidance

Dianda is an amazing person to know and have in your life. She was our cat Bali’s behavior coach, helping her and us transition through a move across the country. With Dianda’s help we were able to get Bali to stop peeing around my in-law’s house! Bali is typically an anxious cat, and she’s now much happier and more confident because of Dianda’s gentle and knowledgeable guidance.

Ciara Rubin