Why playing with your cat is so important

When your cat was a little kitten, he could entertain himself for hours! But now that your kitten has grown into an adult cat, you may have figured that he doesn’t entertain himself that easy anymore. And that’s why you’re important, because why is playing with your cat so important?

Did you know that cats can become obese as well? This is often seen in cats who don’t come outside. They are napping and being lazy in our windowsill for ours, enjoying the sun, not moving while their bowl is constantly being filled. By playing with your cat, he gets moving and may lose some pounds.

Yes, cats can suffer from depression as well. It’s almost the same when humans suffer from depression. A cat will not bother to do anything anymore, they will sleep more, they will hide and they want to be alone more and more.

But also fearful and nervous cats can personally grow a lot when they are being played with daily. Playing makes a cat more confident and it can help your cat to get rid of some negative energy.

If your cat tends to become aggressive, then playtime can offer a solution for the both of you. Aggression can happen when there is too much negative energy building up (boredom, stress, etc). This will get out in a form of aggression, such as biting and lashing out. When you play enough with your cats and stick with a daily routine, you will see that your cat will become less and less aggressive.

Are things not going well between your cats? Are they constantly annoying each other? This could be a sign of boredom. And how do you cure boredom? Playtime! If you play with them long enough and often they can put their energy into something positive (instead of each other) and they will feel much better in their skin and they will also feel better mentally.

A cat who is experiencing stress, can calm down by a good and long play session. For humans, exercise can help us get rid of stress as well and distract us from things such as work.

The cat rod
Interactive cat toys is fun, but cat toys with which you have to play along, are much more fun for your cat. It also creates a better bond between you and your cat. A good playing rod (like the Go Cat Catcher) who is not too big and doesn’t move suddenly is perfect for fearful/nervous cats. Big, loud and unpredictable toys can only scare them.

Unpredictable toys are perfect for cats who need more exercise because they are very energetic (like the cat dancer).

Play long
Five minutes of playtime is no playtime at all. Cats who have a lot of energy, need much more of playtime. It’s ok to make them pant, and with some cats this may take a while. But if you’re playing along, you get some exercise as well, right?

Is your cat too scared to play with you? Then a few minutes is enough. Every time your cat seems to become more confident, you make the play sessions longer and longer until you’re on fifteen to twenty minutes.

It would be best to play two times a day with your cat. Eventually you want your cat to get rid of his energy and become a confident and happy cat!

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