Tips to make your garden and balcony fun for your cat

You have a nice balcony, you have a garden or you want to create a catio? Your cat is often hanging around in your garden, but it’s not quite finished yet? Here are some tips and examples about how to make your garden en balcony much more fun for your cat!

What to watch out for?
It’s not that difficult to make your garden, catio or balcony cat-worthy. The only thing you need is a bit of creativity and inspiration. But what to watch out for when you want to create a garden that your cat will love?

  • Places to hide or nap in.
  • Spots to sit high, so your cat can oversee the garden.
    Think about trees or scratching posts.
  • A place where he can do his business and number two’s. A bit of privacy is always nice.
  • Flowers, plants, bushes!
  • Een plek om zijn behoefte te doen. En een beetje privacy is hierbij altijd fijn.
  • Bloemen, bosjes, plantjes! (Which plants are poisonous?)
  • Do you have grass? If it’s up to your cat, you don’t have to mow it every week!

Do you have a balcony instead? You might want to make it cat-proof, so your cat can not fall off. Cats are faster than you and an accident can easily happen.

For in your garden
Your garden needs a make-over, and you also want to create a garden your cat will love as well. But what can you put in your garden for you and your cat?

  • Trees for your cat to climb in.
  • Scratching posts
  • Boxes/crates/barrels/buckets
  • Kratjes/kistjes en/of tonnetjes
  • Using rabbit-houses for your cat(s).
  • Shelves on the wall.
  • Creating tunnels made out of half hollowed-out trunks.
  • Lights for the in the evening to attract moths and flies.
  • Lichtjes voor in de avond waar motjes en vliegjes op af komen.
  • Big old tree trunks to scratch and climb on.
  • Big empty flowerpots, placed on the side or upside down with a hole in it, so your cat can get into it.
  • A water bath for birds – and your cat(s).
  • Garden decoration that moves in the wind.
  • And of course cat nip can’t miss.

For on your balcony
You have a baclony, but you’re not sure what to do with it, or to make it attractive for your kitties? Look no further!

  • A (fake) lawn on your balcony.
  • crates and shelves on the wall.
  • A scratching post of a table.
    So your cat can see what’s outside the balcony.
  • A tree trunk to sharpen their nails.
  • Flowers, plants, small trees.
  • An old dog basket or a crate with grass in it.
  • Lights for in the evening to attract moths and flies.
  • Decoration that moves in the wind.
  • Old flowerpots or old rabbit-houses they can use as hiding spots or to nap in.
  • Catnip in flowerpots.

Extra tip: Do you want flowers on your balcony, but you don’t want your cats to be able to reach them? Hang them up against the walls?

Don’t forget to create some space for yourself as well! So you can enjoy your garden/balcony as much as your cats do.

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