How do cats feel earthquakes coming up and more

An exciting article because it’s different from what I usually write on my blog. Cats are amazing creatures, I’m sure we all know that by now! But is there more about them than we know and what science thinks? So here’s a bit of my opinion, and a bit of research.


Cats have much better senses than we humans. They can smell much better and hear much better. They don’t have a perfect sight, as they can’t see things from up close very well. But I’m curious how they experience the world. What do they see, what do they experience? Do they see things we don’t see?

Maybe you have ever heard of ghost stories in which pets react on something we can’t see. Animals seem to be able to feel earthquakes and storms coming up. Some people say animals are just like children: their soul is pure. On a spiritual leven they aren’t stimulated by our society and standards, so they see things how they really are.

Feeling earthquakes coming up
Animals seem to be able to feel earthquakes coming. They might become restless, nervous and anxious. But how?

According to scientist Konrad Lorenz, cats see a magnetic field across the surface of the earth. You can compare it with a piece of elastic fabric. When something is about to happen (an earthquake for example) there will be a lot of tension. It’s like the piece of fabric is being stretched and the magnetic field grows thinner before an earthquake, because of the earth’s crust is ‘tensed’ or ‘overloaded’.

Finding back home
I’m sure you’ve heard stories of cats who have found their way home after walking thousands of miles. When a cat has walked so many miles, it almost seems impossible that even an animal with great senses such as hearing and smelling, found their owners back through unknown places. That makes me wonder if a cat might have a sixth sense, or an extreem close bond with his/hers guardian.

Experts think that this has to do with something called Psi-trailing. This term comes from Professor Dr. Joseph Rhine. He explains how some animals have returned to their owner. This “sense” helps the animals to find back their guardians when there’s a big distance between them. He explains that psi-trailing is a kind of strong emotional connection between human and animal, the other animals he has a bond with and their house.

Doesn’t this tell us a lot about the bond between human and animal? But what kind of bond or connection this is, we don’t know.

Some scientists think that animals have some kind of inner compass, that makes them able to find their way home. This inner compass is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field.

Homing instinct
An animal who isn’t too far from home, can often find his way back. But the further the animal is from his home, the harder it gets to find his way back. According to scientist Konrad Lorenz they use ‘homing instinct’ for this. This ‘homing instinct’ is something that goes beyond their normal senses.

There are two kind of ‘homing instincts’:
1. The animal’s ability to find his way back home after moving to a new place, being stolen or when the animal is lost.

2. The animal’s ability to find his owner by following him after his owner has moved without him.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake believes that animals can connect with us telepathically, and that’s the reason why an animal always comes back home or waits for us at the door. When this link/connection is broken because of a long distance, this breaks the natural rhythm of the animal, and that could be the thing that leads them back home.

But when we always get back home at the same time, it’s not weird that our cats (and dogs) always seem to know when we get back home.

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