7 signs your cat loves you


Cat guardians will recognize this: your cat will only come meowing your way when he’s hungry. It looks like you’re his personal can opener. But do they really see us a staff? If you want to find out if your cat loves you, watch for these two signs.

Does your cat purr when you pet him, or when he’s sitting on your lap? Then he might enjoy being with you.
Warning: some cats purr when they are in pain, in discomfort or experiencing stress or fear.

Slow blinking
Slow blinking is thé cat-kiss! They slowly close their eyes and open them again slowly. By doing this slow blink, your cat is showing you that he is no threat and he likes you.

Always around
Your cat sleeps in the same room as you? Even if he seems distant, he obviously feels safe and comfortable around you.
But if your cat keeps following you constantly, this might be a sign of insecurity.

Cats not only groom to keep themselves clean, it’s also a way to relax and create a bond. If your cat is grooming you, this might be a sign she’s accepting you as a member of the family.
Or you smell/taste nice.

He presses his hairy head against you and his cheeks rub against you. And by doing that he leaves his scent on you. If that isn’t love…!

Cat belly
When your cat is laying on his back and showing his belly to you, it’s a sign he trusts you, he feels completely relaxed and he’s very comfortable.
Do know that this is not a sign of weakness. By laying on his leg he has all his claws available. And it’s also not an invitation to pet his belly.

This is something you may not always see, but if you live together, the other person might notice it. Most cats who have a good bond with their staff, will greet you enthusiastic, wake up when they hear your keys in the door and know it when you’re almost home. You might not always notice it, but your cat is happy to have you back home!

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