6 tips to bond with your cat

Having a cat is so much fun! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys about that. But sometimes people have an amazingly close bond with their cat. But how do create such a bond? Here are some tips for you.

Playing with your cat, something that you will read about a lot on here. Why? Because playing with your cat is so important! Not only to get rid of your cat’s energy, but playing along with your cat is hat creates a bond between the two of you. You do something that your cat loves to do, and he gets a positive experience with you because of it. Besides, playing with your cat helps your cat to deal ith stress, makes him less bored and helps with a depression.

Feeding time
A lot of cats love food, and they know who the can-opener is! Besides just giving them food, it helps your cat to trust you more and more.

Be patient
Patience is the key! Wait for your cat to come to you. Don’t pick her up all the time if she hates to be picked up. But wait until she comes to you for attention. Then pet her where she likes to be pet, like her cheeks. Also watch her body language and stop petting her when she is giving you clear signs that she’s done getting petted (a tail that is moving, ears that stand back)

Don’t punish
If you don’t already know; punishment is a no go. It doesn’t have any effect on your cat, and it’s a waste of time and energy and not good for your blood pressure. Your cat is unable to link the punishment with what she has done “wrong”. So in the end, punishment is pointless. And if you’re working on creating a better bond with your cat, punishing your cat is ruining all your effort you’ve put into it.

Instead of punishing your cat, you can start by rewarding behavior you do approve of and to think about why your cat does that one thing you don’t like. Does he jump on the counter? Maybe it’s because he likes to sit high? Give him a better alternative that is more exciting than the counter.

Do something with your cat
When people think about doing something with your cat, it’s always the usual play time. Which is perfect, but there is more you can do with your cat.

Have you ever though about letting your cat get used to a harness, so the two of you can go on walks? How about clicker training to learn your cat tricks? If your cat seems to be digging clicker training, did you know cat-agility exists? You can buy entire agility sets for your cat or use furniture instead. Be creative!

Create a safe environment
Cats who feels safe and secure in their own environment experiences less stress. An environment like that has enough spots for your cat to hide in, spots where he can overlook the entire rooms, where he can run away to when he is scared or wants to get away from someone like kids, or barking dogs or when he wants to avoid other cats. You are able to do much more with your cat when he feels safe and secure.

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