5 Tips against boredom

Especially indoor cats can get really bored. And when they get bored, they can become quite annoying. Think about excessive meowing, pushing stuff off the table, annoying other cats in the household or attacking your ankles when you walk by. Here are some tips for you to help your cat get rid of boredom.

Boredom causes…
Have you ever felt so bored that you became restless and frustrated? That’s exactly how your cat will feel when he is bored day after day. They may become stressed, frustrated, will break things and in some cases boredom can lead to depression in cats.

Playtime is the #1 solution. Your cat has a lot of energy every day, and that energy need to get out one way or another. By playing with your cat you help the get rid of that energy in a positive way. At the same time you create a bond with your cat. Win/win, right?

Some cats have a lot of energy and with those cats you need to play a lot and long. Eventually you will notice that when you play with them every day on various times, that their annoying behavior will stop. This means that you have to play with your cat longer than 10 minutes and multiple times a day (for example: in the morning and when you get home, or before feeding time), and when you get off the couch as well to engage in playtime with your cat, you get some exercise too. Motivate your cat, reward him and play along!

A friend
Is your cat the only cat and are you gone a lot? Or you don’t have a lot of time to play with your cat? Then a friend for your cat can be a solution. The best timing to add a friend for your cat would be when they are still kittens, so they will accept each other easier. If you decide to adopt your cat a friend, make sure it’s a kitty from the same age.

That way, they’re never alone and they always have each other.

Don’t forget that when you have adopted a pair, they can finish their socialization period together and they will learn from each other, such as: sharing, playing, how to act around other cats and much more!

Make your house fun
A boring house, makes a boring life. Your cat should be able to scratch, play, jump, climb and be crazy at times. He should be able to hide, sit high or low! Give your cat some space to run around and be crazy.

Hang shelves against the wall, so your cat can get off the floor as well and so he can get around the room without touching the floor. Place various scratching posts, tunnels and toys. So now and then switch toys, add a box or get leafs from outside and put those in a box. Think outside the box!

Braingames, food puzzles, however you want to call them, you can buy them from different web shops and stores, or you can make them yourself.

The whole point about those puzzles is that your cat has to work for his good, just like they would do in the wild. By working for his good he uses his energy and it almost has the same effect as playing with your cat. It gets rid of boredom and he has to really use his brains to get to his food.

Note: don’t start too with food puzzles that are too difficult.

Other tips
Your cat isn’t into food puzzles that much? Then it’s also an option to shove his kibble over the floor so he has to chase it. Hide his food around the house or find another way to make him work for his food.

Clickertraining is also a fun way to be busy with your cat. Your cat has to be focused on you and your food, and at the same time you’re learning him something, and you’re both doing something fun.

Does your cat like clicker training and does he understand tricks easily? Then there is also something called cat-agility. Agility is not only for dogs anymore! But cats can do it as well.

I hope you found enough inspiration for the next days to help your cat get rid of boredom!

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