1 or 2 kittens?

cat-582064_1920Are you planning to adopt a kitten? Maybe it’s your first cat ever? Is it much better to adopt one or two kittens?

For you and your cat

A kitten has still so much to learn the moment he is adopted. They learn a lot from their mother, environment, but also from their siblings. So it’s best for them to grow up with kittens of the same age.

Think about this: playing and interaction between kittens are good learning moments for a kitten. And that way they can develop socially very well. But they also learn to share and understand body language in other cats.

You can also choose to go for a couple that are already siblings. They already know each other, but you can also pick two kittens that aren’t related to each other. They can still finish their socialization period together.

But they also have each other to play with. They can give each other some company when you’re out and about. This gives them a smaller chance to develop behavioral problems. In the end, they will never be alone. And let’s not forget: it’s much easier to introduce two kittens to each other than two adult cats who care about their territory.

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