Why you should spay/neuter your cats


Spaying and neutering, a lot of cats may find it sad for their cats or simply not needed. But it’s something that is very important for your cat, you and our world. So if you’re not an acknowledged breeder, I suggest you spay or neuter your cats. But why exactly?

Strays and ferals

In every country, state, province, city and town, you’ll find ferals or strays wandering around. A part of these cats may end up in shelters and be adopted if they are fit for that. And even if they are adopted it’s not a 100% guarantee they stay at that “forever” home and may even come back to the shelter or get dumped or left behind.

Cats who are not spayed or neutered might try to escape because of their hormones. They are smelling a cat in heat from miles away! And what if your cat escapes and gets hit by a cat? Or your female cat gets back home with a surprise in her belly…

Even the kittens that need a home and you give away for a small price or for free have no guarantee to stay there for the rest of their lives. And eventually you’re helping the cat population growing.

By spaying or neutering those cats, they can’t get kittens anymore. But let’s not forget the hormones that cause so much stress in your cat. By neutering them, you will make your cat’s life less stressful.

A healthier life

A spayed or neutered cat is a healthier cat. Cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered will end up stressed and frustrated. Male cats might spray and the ladies will be in heat.

A cat that has been fixed will bring along less vet-costs. Because cats that have not been fixed are able to get cervical cancer, inflammation of the womb, cysts and other diseases.

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