When you have to decide about your pet’s life

It’s something that we have to prepare ourselves for one day and something we will experience no matter what.What I’m talking about? When do you know when you beloved pet is ready to leave earth. Are you unsure about that? Then I hope you’ll find some answers in this article.


Stay realistic
Your cat (or another animal) is old or sick, or both. And even though you have tried so many things with your veterinarian, or homeopathic or holistic remedies. It didn’t gave the result you hoped for.

But you have to stay realistic. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow your heart of feeling, but that you should also think about the present and stand still in the here and now. How is it going with your pet, at this very moment? Will that ever change? Will you make your cat/dog/pet happier if you keep this current situation going?

You’ll often see it in their eyes, but sometimes we love our beloved fluffball so much that we’re “blinded by love” and we don’t or refuse to see that look in their eyes. That we don’t see that life’s sparkle missing.

Depending on the situation of your pet, think about the current situation and if you should continue like this. Because you are owner and guardian, are the only one who can decide this. Sometimes our pets wants to fight for their life, but sometimes they’re just done. Done with the fight and struggle, done with their life.

I find quality very important in the life of an animal. If your animal doesn’t appear to be happy anymore (when was the last time you saw your dog/cat/animal happy and full of life?) and he/she’s not that happy pet it used to be, discuss with your vet if you can solve this together (on a short term).

Rather too early than too late
I hear it often and recognize it from personal experience too: “I wish we had let her/him go earlier”.

We feel guilty because we stretched the precious of our animal too much, while their quality of life went more and more downwards.

We start thinking: was it worth all the experiments? Have we done the right thing? Put these thoughts next to you and know that you’ll learn from this for in the future.

Sometimes it needs time before we know when to make the decision. But if you’ve ever thought about it, or if it came up in your head “on accident” to let your loving animal go because she’s so sick, or because she has many physical and medical problems that you’re doubting her quality of life, talk about this with your vet.

Better a week too early, than a week too late. Because you don’t want your pet to suffer.

Still doubting?
Try to look from a different perspective to your cat/dog. Take a picture for example; the look in their eyes and how the animal looks can make you look at it differently. For me, when I took a picture of my dog, it made me realize how bad she actually looked, that look in her eyes. I still have the picture, but it breaks my heart every time.

Look at the life of your animal. Does it still want to eat and drink? Is he still interested in his favorite snacks? Is he still mobile? Does she/he look depressed? Is she still getting up for simple things, or does she lay in her crate all day long, not bothering about the rest? Does he want to be away from everyone?

Remember that you have to put yourself to the side for this. This is not about you, this is about the life of an animal that you love so much. It’s important that his/her life still has quality or else you might want to think things over. It’s not easy, but incredibly brave for making that decision.

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