Depression: Cats can have it too


You read that right! Cats can be depressive too, just like us humans. But how can it happen and what we do to prevent depression or get them out of it? Depression it’s fun, not for you or for your cat. So how do you recognize it?

What causes depression?
How humans can get depressed, is how cats can get depressed. They loss of a family members, a big chance, a divorce, when people are too busy with themselves instead of with their cats, barely getting attention and not being noticed. You’re too busy wit your work or you have a new job so you and your cats routine is a mess. You barely have me-time, let alone time for your cat. You’re too tired to play with him after work, and there will be a moment when your cat has no interest in play anymore. Or food, or in life.

It’s normal that in some situations there won’t be a routine anymore. But your cat can feel invisible, and will crawl away more and more into his own world, where no one will notice him. So depression sneaks in slowly.

Of course the symptoms are different for every cat.

A depressive cats has no interest in food or play. They will sleep a lot and be a lot less active than usual. He will groom himself less or not at all. But his personality can change as well. He may become less dependent and wants to be alone most of the time.

Also look at other things that have changed him. The twinkling in his eyes? How does he look? How does his coat feel and looks?

What to do?
It’s important to contact a cat behaviorist because this might be something that is not easy to solve. But it’s important to pick up your daily routine with him again. Find out why he is depressed and what caused him to be and fix it. See if you can get your cat interested in play again and that he gets enough love and attention from you.

If you don’t know why your cat is depressed, contact a cat behaviorist. 

Talk to your cat, touch him, pet him, be there for him. Or just sit there close to him without touching him. It’s important that see life as fun again and they get to be a cat again.

If you’re gone, you can use a box and a worn shirt in it, so he always has your smell around to comfort him. See if you can lure him out of his hiding spot if you know that catnip or valerian triggers him.

It’s important that you don’t give up. But don’t be afraid to contact a vet or a behaviorist if you don’t know what to do anymore.


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