6 Tips to let your cat drink more

Cats aren’t really big drinkers because they are built to take liquid out of their prey. But sometimes, they prefer a small puddle of rainwater over their fresh bowl of water. But why? And how do we get our cats to drink more?

Dirty water
Why do cats choose water from your fish tank or other water that isn’t fresh? Like the water in a bird-bath in your garden? That’s because that kind of water usually has a taste. The water in your fish tank tastes much more interesting because of the plants and fish in there.

Bladder issues
Cats who don’t drink enough in combination with food they can’t get liquid out of (like kibble) can end up with bladder issues such as urinary tract infection or feline lower urinary tract disease. A lot of people may think: if my cat is thirsty, he will drink. But cats don’t have a natural craving for drinking because they’re built to get everything out of their prey.

Not next to the food
In most households you’ll find the water bowl or water fountain next to the food. But it is much better to place it somewhere else and to keep water and food separated. Of course, place it away from the litter box as well. Make sure it’s a water bowl that is wide and lower edges so their whiskers won’t touch the edges.

Make it fun
You can make drinking a lot more fun and it doesn’t have to be complicated either!

Think about user water plants. But before you put them in water, remove the rock wool and all unnatural parts and rinse it. You can also put those fun robotic fish in the water or add kibble or dry snacks to it.

Moving water
Some cats prefer moving water. So for them, a bowl with water that just sits there, can be a bit boring. If your cat prefers moving water, it’s easy to solve with a pump or buying a water fountain. There are many different water fountains you can buy.

Multiple drinking spots
Do you only have one drinking spot in your home? Do your feline friend a favor and place more water bowls in your house. So he doesn’t have to walk 3 stories to just get a drink. And water that is suddenly placed in your house or in a room, may make your cat drink more.

Make it tasty
My last tip for you: make the water tasty! A little bit of tuna-water from a can of a tuna (make sure it’s not oil) or add a little bit of (cooled off) water that you used to boil chicken or fish in.

2 thoughts on “6 Tips to let your cat drink more

  1. “A lot of people may think: if my cat is thirsty, he will drink. But cats don’t have a natural craving for drinking because they’re built to get everything out of their prey.”

    I’ve seen that on a lot of blogs now. I’m a skeptic, so I’d like to see some evidence before I believe something. Can you please provide the evidence for this claim you make?

    1. “Cats evolved from desert-dwelling creatures that developed an ability to conserve water quite well and didn’t need a lot of water to survive. As a result, many of our cats today don’t have a high thirst drive. Many cats simply don’t drink because they don’t think about it. Unfortunately, though our current-day cats still have the ability to concentrate their urine quite well, they can still find themselves in trouble when they don’t drink enough. Equally troubling is that inadequate water consumption is not an uncommon problem in the cats we live with today. However, there are some steps we can take to encourage our cats to increase their water intake.” – PetMD.


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