6 Tips for obese cats

Being fat isn’t fun for your cat. He can get physical ailments and even get sick. Having a healthy weight is much better for your feline friend. Less surface to hug with, but not less cute.

Medical explanation
Are you trying to let your cat lose weight? Make a trip to the vet first to make sure that the weight of your cat isn’t because of a medical issue.

My cat is fat, now what?
Start with a good quality of food and the right amount of food in combination with exercise. And of course; less snacks. Go for food with less carbs, so start reading labels!
Not sure how to make your cat lose weight? Contact a vet or behaviorists that are specialized in losing weight.

Not too fast
Don’t make your cat lose weight too fast. It’s best to do this together with a vet or someone who is specialized in cats losing weight, so you know what you have to do. Losing weight too fast can lead to fatty liver disease, which doesn’t always have a good ending. So know what you do and ask advice if you don’t!

Feed how? 
If you keep his bowl full and he keeps on eating and eating, that might be reason why he has gained a few pounds. It might be a good idea to weight the food before giving and/or to let your cat work for his good by using food puzzles. That way your cat has to work for his food.

You can play with your cats can help with so many things. It takes away some stress and boredom and makes your cat exercise! All of this is important, but it may take some time to change your couch potato into a moving potato. It’s important to start slow and not to give up. You didn’t started running a marathon on day one either, right?

Keep an eye on his weight
It’s important that your cat exercises regularly and that you keep an eye on his weight. You can do this together with your vet or a weight coach for cats.

Know that the ideal weight can vary from cat to cat and it depends on their age and breed. A Main Coon and British Shorthair will weight a lot more than a Siamese or a Singapura.


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