5 Reasons why fat cats aren’t cute

Many cats are too far. The reason for this? They get too much food in combination with not enoug exercise. But do you find fat cats still cute after reading this?


Becoming fat doesn’t come without medical issues. It can cause your cat a lot of issues. They eat too many calories which turns into fat. Sometimes their weight gain can occur because of a disease.

Just like humans, cats can get diabetes too. And obesity is one of the reasons. Diabetes is a problem with the sugar and insuline. Insuline is a hormone that is supposed to absorb the sugar. Insuline is created in the pancreas.

The pancreas that produces the hormones insuline and glucagon, and produces a digestion enzyme. If your cat has diabetes, this means that something is going wrong with making these hormones. There is not enough insuline so the sugar is not absorbed in the body, but ends up in the blood.

When you’re too heavy, all that weight is carried by your joints. For a senior cat, all that weight can be too heavy for the joints and he can end up in getting artrose. For cats who have an illness or handicap in knees or hips, those extra pounds are a struggle.

With all that extra weight, your cat is going to have trouble grooming his entire body. We can’t close our jeans anymore, and your cat can’t groom his fur anymore. Which may result in a dirty and greasy fur. He’s not that flexible anymore with all that extra weight.

More problems
But we’re not done yet! Obesity can also lead to heart, skin and breathing problems.

We are their guardian and therefore we are responsible for your cats. This means that we are also responsible for what our cats eat, how much and how much exercise they get.

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