11 Tips for warm and sunny days


Summer is coming! Not sure how you are going to help your cat get through the heatwaves? Here are some tips for you and your cat to get through the hot days!

How do cats cool off? 
Cats sweat through the pads on their paws, but those are too small to cool down their body completely. So they groom themselves. By grooming their body, they leave saliva on their fur and that evaporates, which helps them to cool down some more.

But sometimes that isn’t enough.

Fresh water
It’s a good idea to always have fresh water around and to change it during those hot days, because water can easily go musty. Also place some water outside if you have a catio or when your cats go outside.

Tip: freeze some water in a bowl the night before. So it melts during the day and stays cold.

Staying inside? 
During really hot days it is a good idea to keep your cat inside. The ground can be very hot and it might be less warm inside. Close the windows and curtains to keep the heat and sun out. Keep the fans away from your cat.

Usually, bathrooms are colder. So if your cat is normally not allowed to be in the bathroom, make an exception during those hot days.

Is it difficult to keep your cat inside? Make sure there is enough shade and fresh water he can reach easily.

Helping a hand
Because your cat is grooming himself to keep himself cool, you can help your cat a hand. You can do this by wetting your hands or a towel, but don’t make it soaking wet. And rub your cat with it.

The spots where your cat gets the hottest are his belly, paw pads, arm pits, under their chin and the outside of their ears.


Stay calm
Don’t go playing with your cat when it’s 27 celcius degrees outside during the day. Better moments to play with your cat is early in the morning and late at night when the temperature has cooled down. But most cats don’t feel like playing with warm weather.

Dead hair and burs gives your cat trouble to cool off, because it makes it harder for your cat to let the warmth get away from his body. So brush him and get rids of burs.

Tip: don’t brush too often.

Frozen bottles
Place a bottle of water int he freezer and wait till it’s completely frozen. Then you wrap it into a towel and place it near your cat’s favorite sleeping spot. Some cats may find comfort to lay against it.

More drinking
For cats it’s important to drink more, especially during those hot days. They already aren’t big drinkers. So it’s best to help them a little bit.

Make water fun, add treats in it or little toy-fish that move in the water. Is it hard t get your cats to drink? Give them some extra wet food and extra water in it.

White cats
White cats and cats who don’t have a lot of hair are extra sensitive for the sun. And if they lay in the sun for too long, they too can get sunburned.

Their ears and nose are spots that don’t have a lot of hair and where their skin is very thin. That’s why cats (especially the white ones) have a bigger chance on getting a skin disease or skin cancer on those spots, when they lay in the sun for too long.

So keep an eye out or use sunscreen that is safe for cats.

Make sure there is enough shadow during the day outside when your cat is an outdoor cat. It’s better to keep him indoor between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm when it’s a really hot day. If it’s impossible to keep him inside, make sure he has enough shadow and is always able to get back in and cool off. Always keep an eye on your cats. Safety first!

Behind glass
Even behind glass your cat is able to get skin diseases. So be careful an give them some extra protection. Make sure they don’t lie in the sun for too long behind glass.


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