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“A bad cat doesn’t exist. They are just misunderstood”

Welcome to Cat Behavior Coach. My name is Dianda van Gunst, cat lover and cat behaviorist. I help and guide cat-guardians to solve and prevent their cat’s “bad” behavior. Think about litter box issues, depression, aggression, fear, scratching issues or if you just want to have some advice about your cats!

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“I give advice out of love and knowledge, but also because your cat’s welfare matters to me”

Together we work on making sure that the bond between you and your cat(s) is fixed again. By doing this I give fitting advice for every cat, I meet the needs of your cats and your cat’s wellness is my #1 priority. Because just like you, I want the very best for your cat.

For everyone outside the Netherlands I offer distance consultations. you find more information about that here: consultations & prices.


“As a kid I always have been interested in the behavior of animals”

When I moved in with my boyfriend, we adopted a cat. She was 6 months old when we adopted her, and she’s the reason I got interested in cat behavior. When we adopted a second cat, my hobby and passion became bigger. A study in cat behavior followed, and I’m currently studying a second. Want to know more?


Feel free to contact me. So we can figure out together how to get your questions answered.

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