Consultations and Prices

Here you’ll find all the information and costs about my service.


Long distance consultation: €70/$85.82/£61,36
Consult through Skype and/or mail. I do not visit you for a consult at home.

A long-distance consultation also has its advantages. A stranger can ruin the routine of your cat and it’s not ideal for shy cats or cats who simply don’t like strangers.

Because I won’t be seeing you or your cat(s) face to face it’s very important that you send me as many videos of the situation as possible. So I can get a clearer view of the situation and your cat’s behavior.

Know that not all behavior issues can be solved through long distance consult.

After you’ve contacted me, I’ll email you with some questions and the question to send me videos of the behavior. After I’ve received everything (and if a skype-call is not needed), I’ll send you a step-by-step plan (for you and your cat) based on the behavior I’ve seen and the invoice. I’ll also keep in touch with you about the progress, no matter how long it will take and give advice here and there if needed.

NOTE: I will only help cats who have been checked out by a veterinarian and when medical issues have been ruled out. 

Feel free to contact me with your questions. So we can find out together, how to get your questions answered.