Why always vomit on rugs and carpet?

I’m sure you know the struggle. You have carpet in one of the rooms, and that is always the room your cat vomits on. Or your rugs are always the ones who have to vomited on. But why do our cats prefer those rugs and carpets over other floors?


Carpet over other flooring
Throwing up? Your cat likes to have a hairy underground with that. And not because he likes it, or because it feels soft under his paws or because he hates you. But because his muscles tighten when he has to throw up to get that hairball out. He freezes on the spot and is unable to move until it is out.

The reason he prefers your carpet is because he can hold onto it with his claws so he won’t fall the moment his muscles are convulsing when he’s about to throw up. This is not possible to do on a smooth floor.

If you see that your cat is about to throw up, see if you can move him carefully. Imagine how you feel when you’re about to throw up. Your stomach is busy pumping it out, it hurts and your entire body is convulsing. That is exactly how your cat feels.

It is much better to quickly shove an old towel or a newspaper underneath him.

Outside the litter box
If you don’t want your cat to poop on the carpet. It might be a good idea to remove the carpet or place the litter box somewhere without carpet or rugs.

But if your cat is doing it outside the litter box, it might be a good idea to have your cat checked out. There might be something wrong: something medical, or something with the litter or the box, or the spot the box is in.


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