6 Stinky facts about spraying

A spraying cat makes nobody happy. It stinks and you will keep smelling it everywhere. But why does it smell and why do cats do this? Continue reading to find out!

Cats mark through scent. They do this with the glands on their forehead, chin, cheeks, neck and the pads underneath their paws. But cats also mark with their urine, this is called spraying.

How does a cat spray?
A cat sprays by standing with his butt to a vertical surface, he’ll lift his tail up, while his back paws will stamp on the ground and his tail is quivering and urine is spraying out.

Not only tomcats
(onneutered) Male cats are known to spray, but spayed male ánd female cats can spray as well if they think that is needed.

Cat language
Spraying is a way of communicating for cats. Unneutered cats do this let female cats know they are ready to make babies.

It’s also used for communication between cats, especially outdoor-cats. By spraying they have indirect contact with each other. That way they can “talk” to each other and gather information. Outdoor cats know – by sniffing out a spot where a cat has sprayed – which cat it has been and how long ago he sprayed that spot. By doing this they will find out which cat is where at what time so they can avoid one another, share each other territory, give up their territory or chase the other cats away. Remember, cats rather avoid each other, than fight

Why do cats spray?
Spraying can have so many reasons. Some cats are more sensitive to others and they may spray when there is even the slightest change in their home.

Your cat may also spray because you are moving out, a strange cat has been inside, there’s a fight/tension between the cats, a cat-flap in the door, a different routine they’re used to, a strange object in their house, tension, stress, fear, punishment, a new member to the family or even a medical problem. That’s why you should always get your cat checked out by a veterinarian when it starts spraying.

By spraying a cat is trying to make himself feel better and safer in his/hers environment and it could be a way of expressing stress.

Why does urine smell so bad? The smell is caused by felinine, which is created by proteins in their bladder.

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