5 Reasons not to scare your cat

You saw those videos about cucumbers that scare the hell out our cats? I know I have when a lot of those videos went viral. Maybe you’ve also rad articles that write why you shouldn’t do this. So I’m going to jump onto the bandwagon as well.


Not the cucumber
A cucumber is placed behind an (often eating) cat. The cat turns around and sees the cucumber. He gets scared, jumps and runs off. But it’s not the cucumber the cat is scared of. If you place something else behind your cat, such an apple, banana or something that is not good, your cat is get scared as well.

Is it because the cucumber reminds the cats of snakes? Have your cats ever seen a snake before…?

But what is it that scared the cat? Wouldn’t you startle when you turn arund and something suddenly is place behind you that wasn’t there before? Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. Cats are sensitive animals, they are sensitive to stress and they are constantly making n analysis of their surroundings. The moment your cat is eating, it’s not that alert. Eating in your house is a safe place for them and is associated with positivity. If you suddenly place something unfamiliar, it’s not that weird if you scare the living daylights out of your cat.

You’re ruining your cat
Eating is a positive moment of the day for your cat. Where ever your cat eats, he feels comfortable and safe there.

By letting your cat eat and scaring him at the same time as well, ruins your cat and the whole association during feeding time. It is possible that you might scare your cat so much, he doesn’t want to eat at that spot anymore. And to add fear on a moment of the day where your cat feels safe and lowered his guard, or to add fear in his live anyway. It doesn’t make you “guardian of the year”.

Your cat is not human
You can’t just pull a joke on your cat like you do with your family. Your cat doesn’t know it’s a joke and he won’t see it as a joke. He doesn’t experience your joke like we humans do. He won’t think: “oh a cucumber. Hilarious”.

Behavior problems
By adding stress and fear to the live of your cats, you can the reason why your cat can develop behavioral issues. Your cat might feel the need to live in fear or stress after encountering the cucumber that scared him. And that’s not cool. Stress and fear can lead to destructive behavior, aggression and litter box issues. And your cat may not be comfortable eating in his regular spot anymore.

Let’s not forget that your cat can get hurt when he runs away from fear so fast. He can run into furniture and hurt himself or get wounded.

Pulling jokes on your cat that creates negative experiences is a no-go and makes you an asshole.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons not to scare your cat

  1. OK, so scaring the cat is mean. But the people most Probably only did it once. They are not going to make a habit of it, and traumatize the poor thing out of wanting to eat. It is funny to us, especially since the cat jumps straight up in the air or tries to get traction on the slippery floor, must like in a cartoon. Naturally we laugh. The cat will forget it, not turn into a cringing psychopath. Lighten up.

    1. They did it once, with intention. One time can ruin safe spaces and moments where a cat feels safe or vulnerable. Especially for scared/anxious cats this is terrible. A slippery floor, cats can get hurt, it’s hilarious? Not in my opinion, no, sorry!

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