About Cat behavior


Cats are mysterious animals, but their behavior isn’t that mysterious as we think it is! But sadly, the cat is still misunderstood these days. And that results in tension and frustration between cat and owner.

Cat behavior

A cat has to be able to be a cat and behave like one. This includes scratching, climbing, playing, hunting, eating and sleeping. Cats are territorial but overall social animals, while a lot of¬† still think they are solitaire. But this doesn’t mean that your cat has to scratch your wallpaper or ruin your furniture. Scratching is normal behavior, but your furniture isn’t appropriate scratching material. So it’s important your cat can be himself. A lot of cats are bored or experience a lot of stress and this can result in behavior issues such as: scratching and play aggression.

Behavior issues

Common behavior issues with cats are peeing outside the box, spraying, aggression and scratching. If your cat shows one of these behavioral issues, it’s important to contact your veterinarian first. They can rule out a medical condition that causes the behavior. If a vet can’t find anything, that’s when you speak of a behavioral problem.

Punishment has little to no use. Cats aren’t able to make the connection between what they have done “wrong” and their punishment. It’s not that they don’t want to understand it, they simple can’t. A lot of people try to get rid of the behavior problems of their own cats, but this is often done by using punishment (using a spray-bottle or grabbing the cat by his scruff). This won’t work the way you want.

Bad behavior can be caused by boredom, fear, stress, but also by pain of illness. This means that it may happen that sick cats are punished, while they are actually in pain.

Cats can’t talk and their body language can sometimes be a bit confusing. But that’s why cat behavioists exist. They can help you solve the behavior problems with your cat; they speak cat!

Do you have a cat you just don’t understand? Does she pee outside the box or is she scratching your couch till there’s nothing left? Or do you just want information? Enough reasons to contact me!